Hear me out here...

Hear me out here...

Did you know that women usually underestimate their physical appearance whereas men are usually complacent about theirs?

We care more about our appearance because the society is less accepting on women, and we feel like our looks are somehow consequential for us.

👉 Weight gain = "Ah, she's binge-eating, I bet!"

👉 Weight loss = "Geez, she's being consumed by social media's beauty standards!"

👉 Looking exhausted because she juggles career and motherhood at the same time = "Oh man, her husband's gonna leave her for sure!"

Here's my plea:
Never judge a woman just because she doesn't meet your non-realistic standards. Our body size, shapes and ability to heal vary from one individual to another. Being compassionate literally takes 0% effort.

Be kind.

We don't know what others are going through.

Tiffany McCoy of EO❤
Envious Outfitters
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