One BIG question to ask yourself?

One BIG question to ask yourself?

PONDER ON THIS: How often do you buy new clothes and how much of your entire wardrobe do you actually get to wear?

❌ Some people buy clothes that are smaller than their size in hopes of wearing them "after they lose weight".

❌ Some people buy clothes that are bigger than their size because they wanted to hide their rolls.

❌ Some people opt for dark colors because they think these make them look slimmer.

❌ Some people opt for pants because it's the safest style to go for as they never had the courage to try something new.

Seeing these items you do not intend on regularly wearing will only add up to your insecurities.

Buy the right size. Experiment on colors. Try on different styles because you'll never know how it looks on you unless you put them on. That is what it means to be intentional with your fashion choices.

Tiffany McCoy of EO❤
Envious Outfitters
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