A comfortable size...

A comfortable size...

Not feeling comfortable is a nightmare.

It can be really isolating – not being able to find clothes that fit or feel welcomed in shops and cafes. Did you know it takes 5,000 blasts of the ‘mommy-body’ shame-noise before you start believing it? Lots of research suggests overweight people suffer regular abuse from others – and we can definitely see a lot of hate online.

The fashion industry is broken and you’re left out.

You’re not alone in feeling the pain. A whopping 66% of women sized 16 and above don’t feel represented by the UK fashion industry. Yes, every one in 3 plus size women feels like they are being ignored and excluded from mainstream fashions.
Rock up and find fashion that fits your size – and your style. Get tips on how to look great, feel good and dress with confidence. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans or a stylish party dress, we have you covered. More than that, we offer sizing inspiration for over 15 million products designed exclusively for plus-size women.
Finding clothes in your size that are trendy, fashionable and affordable can seem like an impossible task.
But why should you have to settle for clothing that doesn’t work with your style? And why should you have to spend so much money on it? Because, plus sizes and quality don’t always mix.
Envious Outfitters doesn’t believe in the club of ugly clothing. We believe that you can find plus size fashion that’s both stylish and affordable, all in one easy-to-shop place. All without looking frumpy or boring. We seek out high quality brands – from premium plus size jeans to designer handbags, party dresses, shoes and sunglasses.
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